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The Fortius is a unique trainer with unlimited possibilities and a revolutionary brake system that makes extra-heavy training sessions possible. The powerful motor brake simulates climbs and downhill runs just as if you were riding on the Alpe d'Huez. For climbing you have virtually the same resistance from the trainer as outdoors and running downhill there is no need to pedal as the wheel simply carries on spinning. The PowerBack System feeds current consumed back into the mains.
The Fortius with powerful motorbrake
The Fortius is linked to the PC and operated through the interface. There is a choice of computer-animated worlds with amazing effects that accentuate the fun element, graphic training information and cycles in one of the many films available.
  • Revolutionary high-power motor brake; simulates downhill and uphill runs.
  • Soft Gel roller with stainless steel running surface; absorbs sound
  • Calibration function; accurate power measurement
  • User-friendly USB interface
  • Software: three Virtual Reality terrains,
  • Catalyst Training software, Analyser software and a Real Life Video demo.
  • Collapsible CycleForce frame
  • Steering frame available as an option
  • Option to add terrains and films
Tacx T-1945 Fortius Price:$999.95

Tacx T-1945 Fortius with steering kit Price: $1,199.95

Tacx T-1930 Fortius Multiplayer Price:$1,249.95

Tacx T-1930 Fortius Multiplayer with steering kit Price:$1,499.95

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