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We Now Offer the LAB 3-D Computrainer 2 Ways!

All models ship with the latest Hardware & RacerMate One Software

Lab 3D Computrainer Complete with "Deluxe" Full Size Trainer Stand


Price "Lab" $1,449.00

Price "Lab" with Puck $1,579.00

Computrainer Trainer Stand


"Lab"- $1,375.00

"Lab" with Puck - $1,525.00

Not sure What Trainer Right for You

Call Tom - 800-438-4399

System Requirements

Pentium II 500 MHz PC (or equivalent) Windows 2000, XP or Vista 32 MB DirectX 7 or higher compatible video card Available USB port

Lab 3-D Computrainer Complete with

SLOCUM "Deluxe" Full Size Trainer Stand

All models now shipping with RacerMate One software

Rated World Best In-door Trainer Stand!

Save your bikes frame by Putting Less Stress on your Rear Chain Stays!

Makes Taking Your Bike On & Off Much Easier!

Just like the Velotron (Computrainer top of the line trainer), this is a Front Fork and Rear Axle holding Trainer Stand with a control panel holder ( top of the line ). With all same genuine Pro 3-D computer parts, software and guarantees made by the manufacture of the Computrainer!

The same Pro 3-D Computrainer, but with a BETTER heavy duty full size trainer stand!

Major Benefits:

  • Adjustable tower for handle bar control panel
  • Makes taking bike on and off trainer easier
  • Cables tie off to trainer stand not to your bike.
  • 4 adjustable rubber feet for leveling on floors
  • Beautifully welded and finished
  • Put's less stress on your bike frame
  • A must have if you ride with TRI Bars
  • Speed-handles for rear axles quick-release
  • Micro adjustable roller holder for calibrations of load generate
  • NO trainer stand walking when going hard

Micro Adjustable Roller

to Tire Pressure System

Now calibration of rolling resistance of bicycle tire to load generate made easy!

"LAB" 3-D Computrainer Complete

with Special "Deluxe" Full Size Trainer Stand

All models now shipping with latest Hardware & RacerMate One Software

price "LAB" $1,449.00

Computrainer Lab with Puck $1,579.00

Questions & Ordering Call: 1-800-438-4399

    System Requirements

    Pentium II 500 MHz PC (or equivalent) Windows 2000, XP or Vista 32 MB DirectX 7 or higher compatible video cards Available USB port

Velotron by Computrainer

With a Full Size Trainer Stand

Velotron is a computer-controlled, electronic bicycle ergometer of a proprietary new design (patent pending) with associated interactive Windows PC software. The design uses an innovative eddy current brake build around a heavy (55lbs), large diameter flywheel with an internal freewheel. It can incorporate most bike frames and unitizes a fixed ratio, high efficiency chain drive. Shifting is accomplished electronically through the PC control software which simulates 24 gear ratios. The Velotron's mechanical design provides laboratory grade accuracy, the widest load range of any commercially available electronic ergo meter, high durability/low maintains and an authentic road feel that closely simulates riding outdoors.

VeloTron Price List:

VeloTron Pro - CALL for best price

VeloTron Elite - CALL for best price

VeloTron Basic - CALL for best price

VariCrank $499.00

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