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Fully Adjustable Crank System

Just because both our feet are connected to the pedals and turning the cranks in circles doesn't mean both legs are pushing the load the same way. All bicycles are created equal -- they are all identical mechanically: Two crank arms, two pedals and equal loads on both the right and left crankarm. The problem is that most of us are not created nearly as perfectly. We may differ in many ways -- one leg shorter or stronger than the other, one foot larger than the other and so on. Since most of us are not perfect, we run into problems when try to ride the " perfect " bicycle.

As riders, we adapt our riding to the bicycle. Until now, this is all we could do. This adaptation, however, can lead to a number of possible problems:

  • Inefficiency from unequal leg length
  • Uneven heel drop
  • One leg working harder than the other
  • Hip, knee or lower back problems
  • Hips twisting on the seat
  • Knees unequal distance from the top tube

The Synchronizer Plus customizes the crank system -- the primary interface between rider and bicycle -- to correct these problems caused by each riders imperfections. By changing the load on one crank relative to the other, the timing of the pedal stroke, or both, we can make the legs work smoother and produce greater power and endurance. Most riders after going through our program have experiences improvement of 50 to 100 watts.

You're probably wondering how our system can work for you. Please feel free to call our 1-800-438-4399 with any question you may have.

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